How it works

PhilosophySteve has developed a unique product that enables his clients to buy a brand new house and save on stamp duty, whilst outlaying no money during the construction period.  On completion clients can pay off a $500,000 home with a principle and interest loan for about half than the cost of their weekly groceries.

As Steve’s end aim is for his clients to retire debt free owning several houses he advocates buying and accumulating, rather than buying and selling.  With this in mind Steve is currently advocating a variable interest rate. He is monitoring rates weekly & anticipates soon advocating locking rates in for 5- 10 years on approximately half of borrowings, leaving half variable. This can vary with individual clients.

A quick test for comparison of investment decisions is to say:-

  • How much money will I invest initially?
  • How much will I contribute weekly?
  • How much will I have accumulated in 10 years?

The Real Estate Institute of Queensland released figures on the increase of average home sales in south east Queensland for the five year period March 2002 – March 2007. The average price in every suburb selected by Steve more than doubled during this five year period. At a REAL inflation rate of 7%, the cost of items doubles every ten years. The Brisbane market however peaked in 2011 and due to a reduction in interstate migration fell by 4% to bottom in early 2014.  The market then began the upswing cycle and continues to rise.






Steve considers the average real rate of inflation to be higher than the official rate. Steve forecast that the economic “Pump Priming” of early 2009 would result in higher Inflation in 2012-2013. This happened. Whilst the average house price in Brisbane is now above $600,000 Steve predicts the average could be $1million plus in 10 years time.  In real terms the value of the house may not have doubled but you will possibly need double the money to buy it.

The average house price of a Brisbane home in 1972 was $15,000 and is now approx. $600,000. If they were to double every ten years they would have been $240,000 by 2012. The reality is they  increased to more than double this figure.

If however, the average price of a house in Brisbane increases at the same rate as the last 40 years, we will be looking at $16 million in 2048.

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