Steve Taylor & Partners has over 30 years experience in providing individuals, couples and families with the right strategies to create wealth and change their lives with solid bricks and mortar.  Steve is experienced in banking and finance, having studied Real Estate Practice, Real Estate Law, Valuation and Management.  Through his personal friendly service Steve’s aim is to enable his clients to retire debt free owning multiple quality homes with their capital and income protected from inflation for the rest of their lives.

Many people work hard in their job or business, earn a good income, pay a lot of tax and are too busy working to make their money work for them. Steve Taylor & Partners can change this by helping clients create and build their own investment property portfolio. Their expertise can assist in buying an investment property and with property investment advice in Brisbane, ensuring financial security by making tax and inflation work for you. Steve personally identifies optimum areas in Brisbane’s best suburbs in which to build.  He will organise the builder, legals, finance and property management for every client, taking the stress and hassle out of buying and owning an investment home.

Start preparing for the future early and enjoy REAL superannuation with solid bricks and mortar with Steve Taylor & Partners.

There is no better time to get into the market, because right now it’s a Buyers Market!   The Brisbane market has plateaued, and has begun its upswing!  On the property clock Sydney is at 12:05 pm and Brisbane is at 6:35 am!


I am sure that all are aware that we currently have a “buyers market” in Brisbane housing.  The Brisbane market is always more stable than other capital cities with less “ups and downs”.   The Brisbane market has plateaued and is now beginning its upswing.  The bottom line is that prospects are good and if you are getting into the market, you will never buy better than right now!

Please contact our office to schedule a free consultation with Steve and find out if our service is suitable to your needs.

buying an investment property